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Spring Semester 2014

Below you will find a running overview of the semester as we go along week by week. Each class will be provided an overview of what I project to accomplish that week. In addition, the details shown in red are the assignments that will be graded along with their corresponding due dates.

All handouts and resource packets will be provided in PDF format and can be found in the menu to the left. Simply select the class you are in and the class paperwork will be added in chronological order as it's presented in class.

Reminder - assignments for most of Mrs. Moran's classes can (and are expected to as needed) be worked on outside of regular class time. Please pay attention to posted due dates and pace yourself accordingly. HELP sessions are available most days until 3:30 if you need specific additional time within the school setting.

Week of January 31 thru February 12 (adjusted due to weather related delays and cancellations)
All Classes - Review syllabus, entry procedures, daily expectations.

Graphic Design
Make folders, locker assignments, drawing test
Handout - What is Graphic Design? (8th period)
Start vocabulary recognition

Printing Technologies
Make folders, locker assignments, wordless maps
Review maps - begin discussion on communication concepts

Drawer assignments
Overview of 35mm manual SLR camera - label and describe parts and features
Videos 1&2 - Basic Camera Functions and BDE - video notes for credit 2/12

Mechanical Drawing
Assign tool bags, overview of tools, measurement test
Lettering assignment - 1st graded assignment 2/11(2nd) 2/12(1st)

Week of February 18-21
All Classes - signed syllabus due this week for full credit - no exceptions!
Graphic Design
Handout - What is Graphic Design? (3rd)
Video - Graphic Design I - video notes due at end of period for credit
Tool bag distribution
Sketchbook preparations
Good ad/Bad ad - due on first B&C days week of Feb 24-28

Printing Technologies
Communication Model - Sample Scenario
Hand out - Communication Model
Student generated scenario - turn in for credit 2/18
Video - Communication Systems - video notes due at end of period for credit
Hand out - Four Fives - fill in for notes
Handout - Language/Alphabet Development (pictogram, Ideogram, phonogram)

How to roll film
How to load the camera
Intro roll 35mm film - shot settings
Shoot 35 mm film

Mechanical Drawing
Complete lettering assignment
Create sample template of formal drawing set-up
First drawing - Template - graded as participation
2nd drawing - Letter T - graded as a drawing

Week of February 24-28
Graphic Design
Sketchbooks assembled
Handout - The Design Process - overview - will be used thru-out the semester
Good Ad/Bad Ad - due 2/25(3rd) 2/26 (8th)
Sketchbook Cover assignment - due date on assignment sheet
In class field trip - PCAD - thursday

Printing Technologies
Finish discussion on language and alphabet development
Chapter - Basic Printing Processes - questions turned in 2/25
Handout - What is Printing?
Fingerprint comic project info
In class field trip - PCAD - thursday

Test - camera parts - Wednesday 2/26
About film - hanodout and discussion
Digital Project info
Take 35mm intro pictures - monday

Mechanical Drawing
Overview of Grading Rubric - handout
Letter T - drawing
Tool Exercises - activity drawing
practice with centering formula - have-need/answer divided by 2


Graphic Design
Sketchbook covers due 3/4 (3rd) and 3/5 (8th)
Video - Elements of Design - 3/6 in class video notes assigned and collected at the end
3/7 - open discussion and study of the Elements in existing advertisements - working on recognition of the 7 elements

Printing Technologies
Fingerprint comics - due 3/6
Review handout on What is printing - highlight key concepts
Intro to Greeting Cards
Crossword activity - greeting cards - due 3/10

Load tanks with 35mm film for processing
Handouts and discussion about film properties
Film Chemistry
Digital project

Mechanical Drawing
Brick Pattern
Link Plate
Round Flange

Week of March 10-14 All classes testing this week

Graphic Design
Test One - vocab, general graphic design, design process, three formats
Elements in Action - due 3/18 - magazine ad search with written explanation
Mr. Bloom Ad - our first "client" - design a newspaper ad using the design process - progress check due 3/14 3rd, 3/17 8th

Printing Technologies
Test One - communication concepts, early language development, what is printing
Greeting Card Project - computer lab 3/12&13 - create an authentic greeting card - due 3/14
Collaboration for Block Printing - pairs - modify greeting card design
Video - Block Printing - notes due at end of period

Test Two - bde, intro composition, procedures
Film Processing
Intro to Darkroom

Mechanical Drawing
Test One - tools, paper set-up, fractions, lettering
Intro to Orthographic Drawing
L-block sample drawing

Week of March 17-21

Graphic Design
Introduction to MS Publisher - computer lab. Set-up folder, and template for Bloom project. time to complete Bloom project.
Mr. Bloom project due - 3/20 3rd, 3/21 8th
Elements in Action due - 3/18
History of Logo Research Activity - introduced, due date not set yet
Printing Technologies
Practice session using block cutting tools and scrap linoleum blocks
Print out collaborated cards for transfer
Transfer two color image to blocks within pairs
Cut blocks for printing
Individual Greeting card designs due 3/19 for grading

Work time in darkroom to create contact sheets, test strips and three half sheet sized prints from intro roll of 35mm film
Introduction to Digital Project II - "New Student"

Mechanical Drawing
Step Block - 3 view style drawing
Worksheet pack #1- from computer
Worksheet pack #2 - pre-copied and stapled

Week of March 24-28 (I have been called to serve on Jury Duty this week)

Graphic Design
Video - Careers in Graphic Design - video notes collected at end 3/34
Logo Unit - Logo resource packet distributed
Logo Chapter and Questions - due March 28th
Trademarklogosloganjinglemascotspokesperson activity - due March 28th
Narrative creation for ficticious company to be used for Business Set - to be completed and turned in by March 31st

Printing Technologies
Complete cutting of blocks for printing
Amazing History of Paper chapter and answers - due 3/26
General Safety chapter and answers - due 3/26
Proof printing of blocks for mixed media greeting cards

Darkroom time
Digital project
Video - Perfect Picture ( all about composition techniques) video notes due at the end - 3/25

Mechanical Drawing
Career in Mechanical Drawing Exploration
Chapter and Questions
Career Research Activity

Week of March 31 - April 4

Graphic Design
Logo Design - for a fictional business to later be used on the standard items in a business set.
Written "Narrative/Dialogue" from the clients perspective for a fictional realistic business - due March 31
Planning and sketching using the design process to create a logo for the business thru the rough stage - due April 4th
Overview of the components in a standard business set - business card, letterhead and envelope. In class activity to create a graphic organizer of information for future use in the planning of fictional business set.

Printing Technologies
Block printing demo
Marbling demo
Explanation of Safety Poster assignment
Overview of 5 Type Classifications as part of Typography studies
Time in class to work through stations to complete greeting cards, posters, and marbled paper

Complete New Student digital project - due 4/4
Shoot Portrait Study project and put into tank - due 4/4

Mechanical Drawing
Finish inclined section of orthographic unit

Week of April 7-11 (Mr. Croft will be in this week) Marking Period 3 ends 4/9

Graphic Design
Business Set Part B - all planning and sketches thru the rough stage for a business card, letterhead and envelope - due Thursday, April 10th
Video - Principles of Design - video notes - due April 9th
Principles in Action magazine activity - same as we did for elements

Printing Technologies
Time to finish Marbling, Greeting Card printing and safety poster activities - all are due on Friday, April 11th
History of Ink assignment made available
Finishing and Binding chapter made available

Processing of portrait study film
Digital Chapter
Rule of Thirds/Headroom/Noseroom - research and digital presentation in form of informational handout
All above items are expected to be done by Friday, April 11th

Mechanical Drawing
This week we will transition to curves and circles in the orthographic format