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Spring Semester 2015/16

Below you will find a running overview of the semester as we go along week by week. Each class will be provided an overview of what I project to accomplish that week. In addition, the details shown in red are the assignments that will be graded along with their corresponding due dates.

All handouts and resource packets will be provided in PDF format and can be found in the menu to the left. Simply select the class you are in and the class paperwork will be added in chronological order as it's presented in class.

Reminder - assignments for most of Mrs. Moran's classes can (and are expected to as needed) be worked on outside of regular class time. Please pay attention to posted due dates and pace yourself accordingly. HELP sessions are available most days until 3:30
if you need specific additional time within the school setting.

Spring Semester 2016

Week of February 1-5
All Classes -
- info Cards
- syllabus
- routine
- expectations
-project overview
-locker and drawer assignments

Mechanical Drawing
-math concepts relevant to course
-overview of tools and materials relevant to course
-lettering exercises
-Do Now's

-introduction to the 35mm camera
---parts and functions
-Do Now's

Graphic Design
-make folders
-drawing test
-what is Graphic Design? - handout
-Do Now's

Week of February 8-12
Signed syllabus due in photo and graphic design - 2/6/16
Mechanical Drawing
- lettering concepts and practice sheet - turn in for credit
- formal drafting sheet set-up procedures
---students will make a template guide on how to do this
- math concepts relevant to course
- basic drawing concepts and tool practice - turn in for credit

- review of camera parts
- BDE(basic daylight exposure) - video/graded notes (viewed on 2/8)
- Depth of Field - video/graded notes
- equivalent exposures
- how to roll film
- opportunity to look at student cameras

Graphic Design
- 3 standard design formats
- video - Graphic Design I - graded notes
- The Design Process
- Sketchbook assembly
- Good Ad/Bad Ad activity(assigned 2/9 and due on 2/16)
- tool bags